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We are committed to securing the best results for our clients while limiting the emotional and economic strain by providing specialized guidance.

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Sternberg Family Law is a firm specializing in all areas of Family Law in the Los Angeles Area, including divorce (dissolution), child custody, child support, spousal support (alimony), parentage (paternity), marital property division, restraining orders and prenuptial and post-marital agreements. Sternberg Family Law also offers mediation services to persons interested in settling their issues without judicial intervention.

Sternberg Family Law is dedicated to assisting good people going through a difficult time. We are committed to securing the best results for our clients while limiting the emotional and economic strain by providing specialized guidance through compassionate and effective representation.

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It takes two to marry, but only one to file for divorce (dissolution). That is, parties may be divorced even though only one person may want the divorce. California is a “no-fault” state. The reason for divorce, besides issues of domestic violence, is likely irrelevant and will not be considered.


Visitation is the actual schedule the parties share in connection with caring for their minor child. The Court promotes frequent and continuing contact with both parents and will make custodial orders based upon the best interests of the child.


There are often different considerations in connection with modifying temporary (pre Judgment) or permanent (post Judgment) orders. Child custody & visitation orders are generally modifiable throughout the child’s minority whenever the Court finds a modification is in the child’s best interests.

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Meet the Attorneys

Carol Sternberg

Carol Sternberg has been exclusively practicing family law in excess of 30-years. She is an experienced litigator and mediator with an excellent reputation among judicial officers and other members of the California Bar. As a mother of 4 children and a long-term wife, Ms. Sternberg brings a compassionate approach to her practice. Ms. Sternberg regularly acts as a mediator in the Van Nuys and Chatsworth branch Courts helping to settle issues and, when possible, the entire case before it goes to the judge. Carol has acted as a Judge Pro Tem and was a long time member of the San Fernando Valley Bar Family Law Executive Committee.

Todd Sternberg

Todd Sternberg has represented clients in virtually every kind of family law matter such as complex divorces, challenging custody disputes, child support and spousal support issues, requests for modification of orders, domestic violence protection and defense, contempt hearings, discovery motions, evidentiary hearings and trials. Todd brings a passionate and zealous approach to every case and advocates for the client’s best interests. Todd’s commitment to effective representation is accomplished by educating, guiding and understanding his clients, their needs and their children’s needs.

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What our customers are saying...

“The attorneys at Sternberg Family Law are fabulous and very professional. I am currently going through a divorce and feel very supported. I feel the attorneys are there for me and my daughter. They are smart, proactive and don’t take crap… I would recommend them to anyone. I also appreciate the patience her staff has for me when I call or email. They are very helpful. 5 stars!”

Esther P.

“Sternberg Family Law was referred to me by my very good friend who had Carol on the opposition of her divorce. They produced exactly what they said they would. And after a 22 year marriage, I need someone with the experience and the guidance they gave me. I have since referred at least 3 people who are also very satisfied with their results.”

Mike G.

“Carol and Todd are both very down to earth people and have your best interest at hear at all times. Todd does everything he can to make sure you are comfortable in any situation. As a matter of fact, I was truly impressed at how far they would go to make sure you are okay with whatever was going on at that moment in time. I highly recommend Sternberg Family Law. Wonderful people to say the least.”

Kristen W.

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